How about bobbi-toads

 There are many fads that have come and gone for shoes, especially when it comes to children’s shoes. The newest one is aimed at young girls who love the feminine aspect of dressing up and makeup: Bobbi-Toads. Launching right in time for the holiday rush, these shoes are perfect for the little fashionista in your life.


Bobbi-Toads is a line of shoes for girls with six different styles in a variety of colors and designs. The shoes come in lace-up and Velcro options and have “toes” that can be painted with nail polish. Young girls can paint the toes of the shoes with a non-toxic nail polish just like they would paint their own toes. It is easy to remove and change with nail polish remover.


The polish does not stain shoes and is perfect for the girl who wants to accent her outfit with a matching shoe. Bobbi-Toads are available in a range of sizes for just under $50 a pair on the brand’s website. You can also purchase different nail polish colors and nail polish remover on the website. There are ten shades of polish available currently.


Visit the website for more information about shipping, nail polish colors, shoe patterns and sizing, and more.

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