Loose Diamonds Prices – What is a Good Deal?


Karen and I met several years ago on an Internet dating site.  What started out as friendship grew to become much more than that over time.  When I decided that it was time to ask her to be my wife, I faced a daunting challenge that I never expected.  I found them buying a diamond was more difficult than I ever imagined.  I wanted to get her something special, but in today’s economy, I needed to make certain that I was getting the best deal for my money.  I decided that a loose diamond was what I wanted because of the many options and setting combinations, but when I started looking, I found loose diamonds prices were difficult to understand.  Here is what I found out.

A diamond is more than just a rock.  Diamonds are priced on four basic qualities that combine to determine the final price and value.  The four qualities are carat, cut, color, and clarity, also known as the 4Cs.  In general, loose diamonds are cheaper than those that are already set and mounted.  Buying a loose diamond also allows you to see the true characteristics of the stone.  Sometimes, jewelers will hide flaws or undesirable characteristics in the stone to make it appear to be more valuable than a really is.  Buying a loose diamond avoids this possibility.  I found that buying loose diamonds allows you to get a better quality diamond for a much lower price.

The most valuable lesson that I learned when shopping for my special diamond was to consider all of the 4Cs that make up the quality of the diamond.  Some diamonds are stronger in one characteristic than in others.  In the end, I found that it was a balancing act between these four characteristics.  This is where the purchase got tricky, I knew which ones look good to me, and I had done some comparison shopping on loose diamonds prices, but I did not know if there was a certain quality that Karen preferred above the others.  I didn’t want to blow it by talking about diamonds or looking at diamonds with her. I wanted it to be the ultimate surprise.  That is what I had to get really creative and had to enlist the help of one of her girlfriends.  In the end, knowing how to comparison shop loose diamonds prices made both of us happy.  She got a beautiful diamond, I got the most value for my money, and we both got a beautiful partner for the rest of our lives.

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